greetings from the stencil people

If you are reading this, then you were at B-Fest and got one of my paper plates. Welcome!

The Stencil People is actually just me, Jim Allenspach. I've been attending B-Fest since 2007. The first stencil plates showed up in 2008 (inspired by an insane desire for my plates to stand out from the crowd), and the first memorial plates showed up in 2009 (inspired by the death of B-film heroes Rudy Ray Moore, Bettie Page, and Ray Dennis Steckler all in the preceding year). Since then, the memorial plates for fallen B-movie heroes (and other tangentially related well-known people) have been showing up with regularity in my stacks.

The name The Stencil People was inadvertently created by one of the 2009 B-Fest attendees, who was going through the accumulation of paper plates that inevitably gathers at the foot of the stairs. As I handed her one of the plates that I created, she replied, "Oh cool! It's the stencil people again!" The name stuck.

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